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AMELA Technology JSC (abbreviation: AMELA) is an IT outsourcing enterprise providing software development, IT consulting and IT services established with headquarters in Hanoi, established in 2019. We bring in our youth determination, enthusiasm, and efforts to develop and contribute more to social progress.

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With over three years of experience in developing e-commerce systems, we offer solutions that best meet clients' budget plans and goals, assists clients on their journey to optimize revenues.



We provide healthcare solutions via a healthcare mobile app. We create appropriate functions based on the demands of medical consumers, such as appointment booking, health monitoring, connection to wireless blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters, and so on.



More than 80% of hotels that use the booking system earn more money than other firms in the same industry. The system is also used in many other areas, such as meeting schedule, food order, and movie tickets purchasing.


Social network

We concentrate on creating a specific social network for each community group, such as the cancer community, sports fans, and so on. The features are customized to each community's needs.



The connection application is utilized in a number of areas such as real estate, repair services, education, and so on, and it attempts to connect two people for personal reasons in a short amount of time.



We provide complete solutions, combine individual applications on the same system, and assist businesses in optimizing administrative and operating costs. We confidently offer advice and implement appropriate solutions for each organization due to our extensive experience in developing ERP systems.



We consult, develop and run an e-learning platform that includes creating learning interfaces with an emphasis on user experience (UX), learning management systems (LMS), electronic address books, and more.



To meet the needs of online communication, AMELA provides a complete solution for developing high-quality video streaming systems and applications for a big number of users at a low development cost in a short period of time.

Emergin technologies play a vital role in the modemization of industries. New technologies help in transforming enterprises into a digital world. In that context, it is challenging for all businesses to find powerful and effective solutions to achive their business goals, Amela is confident to offer the best services and solutions for the newest


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Superior consultant
The specialists at AMELA are skilled at analyzing businesses, providing solutions, and closely tracking functions.
One-stop solution
We assist clients from the ideation, product design, core system development, and system operation stages by utilizing the One-stop solution ecosystem.
Talented personnel
Due to operating in Vietnam and Japan, AMELA can quickly connect customers to IT talents, saving your company money on recruiting and training.
Information Securtity
Your data and resources are 100% safe with our strict privacy policy according to international standards such as ISO 27001, and ISO 9001 framework.

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We are grateful for the opportunity to provide technology solutions, contribute to our customers' success stories, and realize our full potential. We believe that with all of our attention to detail and originality in each product, we will be able to deliver more technology solutions to our clients, resulting in greater success.


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