Creative Engineer

AMELA provides excellent software development services, including web services, mobile applications, business systems, etc. Our engineers work based on the most standard process, from requirements analysis, UI/UX design consulting, system design consulting, programming, testing, and operation, to guarantee the highest level of product quality before being released to clients.

Cung cấp giải pháp nhân lực AMELA
One-stop service
  • thiết kế ux ui UI/UX Design
  • tích hợp hệ thống System integration
  • phát triển dịch vụ web Web service devalopment
  • Xây dựng, vận hành  và bảo trì cơ sở hạ tầng Infratructure construction, operationanh maintenance
  • Phát triển doanh  nghiệp và hệ thống lõi Development of business and core systems
  • Phát triển doanh  nghiệp và hệ thống lõi Smartphone application development
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Talent Development

Human resources are the core part of every organization. In addition to concentrating on product development, AMELA also offers the receiving and educating human resources services in Vietnam to present to foreign companies. Then, we hope to both improve the experience of Vietnamese engineers while also help to address the issue of the shortage of IT human resources, which is prevalent in wealthy nations like Europe, the USA, Japan, and Korea.​

Đào tạo nhân lực

Human resource training

To address the growing shortage of IT engineers every year, especially qualified engineers, we have been building many unique development programs in the AMELA ecosystem in order to equip engineers with all the necessary skill sets.​

giới thiệu nhân lực

Introducing human resources

International businesses can use AMELA’s introduction services for their IT human resources. Our approach differs from others in that we not only expose them but also pre-train them with the required abilities in order to allow them to participate actively in future businesses.

Hỗ trợ khởi nghiệp

Engineer dispatch service

AMELA also offers engineer dispatch services to businesses that demand immediate human resources with particular requirements, such as the ability to evaluate systems, develop products, handle technical issues, and so on. Security is another strong suit of our dispatching service.​

Business Development

Starting a business from scratch is a challenging process. The most common causes of failure are the lack of finance, a preliminary business plan, or executive competence. AMELA wants to be a startup’s companion through its preparation, execution, and extensive relationships.​

Duichj vụ tư vấn kinh doanh AMELA
Tư vấn kinh doanh

Business Consulting Services

AMELA’s business consulting section offers excellent UI/UX designers as well as a talented BA. We will plan the business and develop the product for the clients in the lowest period of time and most effectively.

Hỗ trợ thuê ngoài

BPO Service

In addition to providing a chain of product development and operation services, we also provide office administrator roles, particularly for overseas customers. Customers can decrease the stress of running their businesses by outsourcing business processes (BPOs) and concentrating on tasks with a higher added value.

Phái cử kỹ sư

Startup assistance service

We offer our clients complete start-up assistance services, from providing financial advice, researching investment funds, drafting business plans, and connecting them with potential investors. We can also take investment into consideration if the firm and AMELA have a lot in common.​